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AHS is the UK’s leading supplier of bark and woodchip products. We’re proud to say we have been providing the UK landscape industry with it for over 25 years.

From play area bark and woodland mulch to premium ornamental soil conditioners, all AHS bark and woodchip products come from renewable and sustainable sources based in the UK.

So, whatever your project or budget, you can be sure to get quality and value at the right price – all in quantities to suit you. Speak to a member of our sales team today to get started.


8-35mm Contract Ornamental Bark

10-65mm Medium Amenity Mulch

10-60mm Commercial Bark

5-75mm Amenity Bark

3/4 inch Ornamental Bark

15-60mm Bark Nuggets

5-35mm Spruce Ornamental Bark

Fine Composted Bark

Woodland Mulch

Heart of Eden Composted Bark Fines

Heart of Eden Decorative Bark

Heart of Eden Pine Bark Nuggets


Walkway Chips

Hardwood Chips

Softwood Chips

Heart of Eden Hardwood Play Chips

Urban Green Newcastle

“When we took over the local parks in early 2020, we did a complete review of the play areas and decided to use AHS Ltd for our safety surfacing. As a registered charity, we are very conscious of the pricing of products but we did not wish to drop the level of standards required to ensure children’s safety.

We worked with Will and the team at AHS Ltd to firstly order 8-40mm Play Bark, which we found to be both bouncy and aesthetically pleasing.

We then discussed the benefits of trying Hardwood Play Chips as a comparison product, which we again found to be visually pleasing and very easy to spread.

Our young visitors are enjoying the new safety surfaces and we are looking forward to working with AHS Ltd again in the future!”


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