AHS has been the UK’s leading supplier of compost products, including bulk bags, loose and tipper loads, for more than 25 years.

With our very own brand Heart of Eden All-Purpose Natural Compost, which is 100% peat-free, heading up our range, AHS is also proud to work in partnership with John Innes, Happy Compost and Bord na Mona.

Take a look through our options below or speak to a member of the AHS Sales team to discuss your project’s requirements.

Heart of Eden All-Purpose Natural Compost – Peat Free

Ericaceous Compost

John Innes No.1 Compost

John Innes No.2 Compost

John Innes No.3 Compost

Enriched Topsoil

Creating Perfect Paths with AHS Walkway Chips

Whether you are making a route across your garden or through large, wooded areas for a landscaping scheme, it is so easy to create paths with our walkway chips that we thought we’d share a few tips with you.

AHS Walkway Chips are a quick and relatively inexpensive alternative, are perfect for weed suppression and produce a stunning natural looking path.

When laying the walkway chips, if you are not edging the pathway, always ensure that you dig out at least 1” to allow to for the chips and ensure they do not spill out. To achieve the best results, use a landscape fabric to help with the weeds. It will also help the walkway chips to last longer.

This wonderful natural product, which is sourced from sustainable forests, will not strip nitrogen from your soil or damage the soil underneath the walkway chips.

For further information, please speak to our knowledgeable sales team today.

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