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As well as being the UK’s leading supplier of bark and compost, we can help to make sure your designs are visually engaging, on time and on budget.

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No matter the season or project size, we supply superior quality products from decorative aggregates to railway sleepers, post mixes to membranes.

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Everything you need to help ensure Children’s Play Areas are fully-compliant with UK safety standards.



Our exclusive range of peat-free and environmentally sustainable bagged products is produced in the Heart of the Eden Valley.

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Why is AHS committed to peat-free products?

Peatlands are carbon rich wetlands that cover up to 12% of the UK land area and 3% of the global land surface. When well-managed and maintained, they have a net cooling effect on climate, reduce flood risk and support biodiversity. Healthy peatlands can reduce the flow of water from the uplands and provide floodplain storage for the lowlands. They also provide essential habitat for many wading birds, rare insects, flora and fauna.

Around 80% of the 3 million hectares of UK peatland has been affected by human activities, including the extraction of peat from lowland bogs for the horticulture industry, forestry channels being dug in the uplands and the draining of the lowlands, resulting in this precious environment hanging in the balance. It is estimated that there are more than 3.2 million tonnes of C02 being held in the UK peatlands alone and the affect it would have on the climate, if released, is unthinkable.

It takes 1,000 years for 1m of peat to form, so here at AHS we are doing our bit to help save this wonderful piece of natural habitat for the benefit of all, by ensuring that all our composts are absolutely peat-free. Support the continued fightback for UK peatlands by checking out our new Heart of Eden, All-Purpose Natural Compost, which is ethically produced and 100% peat-free!


Our Heart of Eden range has been developed to provide premium bagged products, with our commitment to the environment at their core. 100% peat-free and sustainably sourced, we have ensured that our Heart of Eden range can be used for all projects without impacting upon the natural world around us. Produced in the heart of the Eden Valley, our Heart of Eden range will ensure your landscaping scheme, play area, garden or allotment always looks its best!

Proud to be greener and more environmentally conscious

Here at AHS, we understand the need to supply environmentally sustainable, peat-free and recycled products. But what do we actually have in place, on a day-to-day basis within the Company to make sure we do our bit, no matter how small, for the Planet?

Raw materials are sourced as close to use as possible, which minimises our carbon miles. Any virgin wood used comes from sustainable sources, which are generally certified forestry plantations. These forests are managed like any other crop, albeit the process is longer-term. It takes over 20 years for trees to be ready for production to begin, but 30 to 50 years for the trees to fully mature. Nothing is wasted from these trees, which ensures that it is not only efficient, but also environmentally-friendly.

As well as our ISO accreditation, we are proud to say that we are part of the United Nations’ #DecadeofAction campaign and are measuring our own carbon footprint. Please read our Latest News piece on achieving the PlanetMark year 2021 Business Certification for more information.

We believe that every one of us making a small change can have a positive impact on the environment and the sustainability of natural resources for generations to come.

      As part of our ISO Environmental Policy, AHS Ltd ensure the following:

  • The vehicles for our office staff have been reduced by one. Out of the remaining vehicles, 2 are now electric, with a third electric vehicle on order.

  • At our Head Office in Northiam we have an electric charge point for vehicles, which our staff and visitors can use for free.

  • Our electricity provider only uses power sourced from renewable energy.

  • All office-based stationery is recyclable.

  • All our glass, paper, newspapers, etc. are sent away for recycling – our staff can also make use of this facility by bringing their own recycling from home.

  • Office cleaning products are environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals entering the water system.

  • Our products are 100% peat-free.

  • NO hazardous chemicals or fertilizers are used in any of our products or at any of our sites around the country.

  • All products are environmentally sourced or recyclable.

Proud Holders of PlanetMark

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