AHS Post Mix is a high-quality, rapid set concrete which is designed to set quickly.

Our one bag, one post (dependent on size) product is easy to use, easy to transport and with a 5-10 minute setting time, it helps to speed up your projects! With two grades available, we have a post mix to suit any job from fence posts to street furniture.

AHS Post Mix is in stock for immediate, nationwide delivery. Contact a member of the AHS sales team to discuss your next project.

AHS Coarse Post Mix

AHS Fine Post Mix

We’re the UK’s Largest Supplier of Bark & Woodchip Products

We’ve been supplying the UK with Bark & Woodchip for nearly quarter of a century.

Contractors across the country know our staff by name and they know they can rely on us to deliver what they want, when they want it, wherever they want it.

Our customers say they choose AHS Bark & Woodchip because:

Huge choice for every application
Quick & easy to order
Competitive prices
Trusted supplier
Approved Play
Safety Surfacing
Any size load delivered
Meets industry standards
UK wide delivery

Delivery times to suit
Good quality
FSC certified
Low dust & fines
Doesn’t contain foreign matter,
methyl bromide, pathogens, pests or weeds*

UK Largest Supplier Bark Woodchip