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Hamish Crichton
Account Manager

Hamish joined our dedicated sales team 6 months ago and works with landscapers, local authorities and construction companies across the UK.

His role is to nurture existing client relationships, as well as foster new contacts. Hamish has been busy learning our extensive range of products, which enables him to offer the best support to clients no matter the size of their scheme. He says: “It has been an intensive 6 months of training and advice from the team here at AHS, but I feel with that and my previous experience in a company that manufactured hard landscaping goods, I am well placed to ensure my clients’ needs are always met.”

Hamish lives by the coast in East Sussex and loves sea swimming off his local beach. He has a fascinating claim to fame; The Red Wedding episode in ‘Game of Thrones’ was partly based on the actions of a distant relative of his, Sir William Crichton, at The Black Dinner held in Edinburgh Castle. Be sure to ask him more about it when you next speak to him!

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