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Why is AHS committed to peat-free products?

Peatlands are carbon rich wetlands that cover up to 12% of the UK land area and 3% of the global land surface. When well-managed and maintained, they have a net cooling effect on climate, reduce flood risk and support biodiversity. Healthy peatlands can reduce the flow of water from the uplands and provide floodplain storage for the lowlands. They also provide essential habitat for many wading birds, rare insects, flora and fauna.

Around 80% of the 3 million hectares of UK peatland has been affected by human activities, including the extraction of peat from lowland bogs for the horticulture industry, forestry channels being dug in the uplands and the draining of the lowlands, resulting in this precious environment hanging in the balance. It is estimated that there are more than 3.2 million tonnes of C02 being held in the UK peatlands alone and the affect it would have on the climate, if released, is unthinkable.

It takes 1,000 years for 1m of peat to form, so here at AHS we are doing our bit to help save this wonderful piece of natural habitat for the benefit of all, by ensuring that all our composts are absolutely peat-free. Support the continued fightback for UK peatlands by checking out our new Heart of Eden, All-Purpose Natural Compost, which is ethically produced and 100% peat-free!


Our Heart of Eden range has been developed to provide premium bagged products, with our commitment to the environment at their core. 100% peat-free and sustainably sourced, we have ensured that our Heart of Eden range can be used for all projects without impacting upon the natural world around us. Produced in the heart of the Eden Valley, our Heart of Eden range will ensure your landscaping scheme, play area, garden or allotment always looks its best!

Planet Mark

The Benefits of Using Mulches

Whether landscaping a small garden or a larger public plot, our range of bark mulches can cover every eventuality, ensuring that, no matter the project, we can meet both the requirements and budget of the professional landscaper.

For the professional, mulches are the perfect way to offset a recently landscaped space. Aside from the immediate aesthetic value to the newly landscaped area, mulches form an important layer of protection for flowers and plant life. In fact, there are several horticultural benefits that bark mulch offers:

Improving appearance – Bark mulch adds a pleasing decorative finish to a freshly landscaped garden, protecting fresh plants and flowers as they become established and giving a uniform look to the landscaped space.

Moisture retention – A layer of bark mulch helps retain rain and administered water, preserving it in the ground, thus helping to prevent soil drying out, which is hugely beneficial to flowers and plants.

Weed control – One of the more persistent and frustrating problems for the gardener and landscaper, weed growth can turn a beautifully manicured garden to an unsightly one in a matter of days. Weeds can also be hazardous to other plant life, overwhelming slower-growing varieties and suffocating them before they become fully established. Bark mulch really comes into its own here, providing a highly effective barrier that helps to keep weeds at bay and away from sunlight.

Protection against inclement weather – While the UK’s temperate climate means relatively warm, wet summers, winter frosts are also prevalent, which can mean unprotected plants may suffer damaged roots as a result of freezing and thawing from autumn to spring. A layer of bark mulch insulates the plant against fluctuations in soil temperature and helps to protect its roots throughout winter.

Creating Perfect Paths with AHS Walkway Chips

Whether you are making a route across your garden or through large, wooded areas for a landscaping scheme, it is so easy to create paths with our walkway chips that we thought we’d share a few tips with you.

AHS Walkway Chips are a quick and relatively inexpensive alternative, are perfect for weed suppression and produce a stunning natural looking path.

When laying the walkway chips, if you are not edging the pathway, always ensure that you dig out at least 1” to allow to for the chips and ensure they do not spill out. To achieve the best results, use a landscape fabric to help with the weeds. It will also help the walkway chips to last longer.

This wonderful natural product, which is sourced from sustainable forests, will not strip nitrogen from your soil or damage the soil underneath the walkway chips.

For further information, please speak to our knowledgeable sales team today.

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping, by definition, is the use of hard materials in your landscaping scheme.

The opportunities to add exciting elements to your garden are endless. These can be anything from sleepers laid as a pathway or attractive water features using our decorative aggregates.

Other possibilities are ponds, pergolas, walls, outdoor furniture and children’s play areas. Why not take a look at our range of hard landscaping products and let your imagination go wild!

8-35mm Contract Ornamental Bark

The benefits of incorporating bark into your landscape projects

8-35mm Contact Ornamental Bark provides outstanding organic weed suppression by reducing the need for expensive manual or chemical control on all planting schemes.

It is durable, long-lasting and free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds.

It creates an insulating layer throughout the winter months, helping to protect root structures from the damage associated with frozen ground.

Our springs and summers are getting hotter and during these periods, 8-35mm Contact Ornamental Bark helps to preserve moisture levels in soil, which also helps to reduce stress levels and plant losses. It’s a totally natural way to reduce the frequency of manual watering, therefore, helping to preserve valuable water supplies.

Bark provides a hostile living environment for pests.

And, it provides natural organic matter to improve soil structure.

Why use sustainable timber for our products?

Here at AHS Ltd, not only do we utilise timber from UK forests to reduce the carbon footprint of our products but, through photosynthesis during their lifetime, trees absorb carbon, which is also great for our planet. Even in an unmanaged forest, when a tree dies it decomposes, so the carbon it has stored over its lifetime is released naturally into the air. This makes each tree virtually carbon neutral.

Most people assume that cutting trees down is a bad thing, which is certainly the case with deforestation, but sustainable forestry means the same number of trees or more are planted to replace those felled. And, although every tree absorbs carbon, as young trees grow, they absorb it more rapidly than ageing trees. Approximately one tonne of carbon is stored in every cubic metre of timber. When trees are felled, the carbon is stored within the timber and with every new tree planted, more carbon is removed from the atmosphere, which is ultimately better for the planet.

Forests are the natural habitat for numerous species of wildlife and insects. Research has shown that well-managed forests can be better for wildlife, rather than leaving dense patches of undisturbed woodlands. They can offer a more balanced environment with wildlife corridors.

Managed forests can help with climate control, soil erosion and minimising the risk of flooding. Altogether, it highlights the need for the end to deforestation and a better understanding of how we can help to maintain our forest habitats for generations to come through effective and sustainable forestry management.

To find out more about our sustainably sourced products, please speak to a member of our sales team on 0333 207 0440 or email sales@ahs-ltd.co.uk.

Enivronmentally Sourced

Soft Landscaping

Whether your project is a small urban space or a large country estate, here at AHS Ltd we have everything you need to help complete your scheme.

Soft landscaping refers to the living part of a garden, with which our products help to “dress” the areas once the hard landscaping has been completed. You can turn an unloved area into an oasis of peace and serenity.

Our wildflower seed mixes are ideal to help bring wildlife to spaces that might otherwise be barren of insects and bees. These in turn help to pollinate flower borders and beds.

Our Heart of Eden range can be used throughout the garden for planting, potting on and to finish borders with decorative bark.

These are just a few of our products to help with soft landscaping spaces. See our full range for inspiration and further information.

Please contact our sales team for advice with your next garden design.

We’re the UK’s Largest Supplier of Bark & Woodchip Products

We’ve been supplying the UK with Bark & Woodchip for nearly quarter of a century.

Contractors across the country know our staff by name and they know they can rely on us to deliver what they want, when they want it, wherever they want it.

Our customers say they choose AHS Bark & Woodchip because:

Huge choice for every application
Quick & easy to order
Competitive prices
Trusted supplier
Approved Play
Safety Surfacing
Any size load delivered
Meets industry standards
UK wide delivery

Delivery times to suit
Good quality
FSC certified
Low dust & fines
Doesn’t contain foreign matter,
methyl bromide, pathogens, pests or weeds*

UK Largest Supplier Bark Woodchip

Urban Green Newcastle

“When we took over the local parks in early 2020, we did a complete review of the play areas and decided to use AHS Ltd for our safety surfacing. As a registered charity, we are very conscious of the pricing of products but we did not wish to drop the level of standards required to ensure children’s safety.

We worked with Will and the team at AHS Ltd to firstly order 8-40mm Play Bark, which we found to be both bouncy and aesthetically pleasing.

We then discussed the benefits of trying Hardwood Play Chips as a comparison product, which we again found to be visually pleasing and very easy to spread.

Our young visitors are enjoying the new safety surfaces and we are looking forward to working with AHS Ltd again in the future!”


Gingko Gardens

Gingko Gardens are horticultural and landscaping specialists, having served London and the South East for over quarter of a century.

Since the company’s formation in 1990, they have designed more than 1,000 gardens and carried out over 15,000 projects.

“Having worked with AHS Ltd for over two years, they have proven to be an essential partner in the supply of hard and soft landscaping products for our projects.

The team are knowledgeable and always on hand with advice. AHS Ltd continues to go above and beyond with all of our requirements!”


Play Area Safety Bark

Our sustainably sourced play bark is a safe, attractive alternative to grass in children’s play areas.

Our play barks are BS EN 1176 & 1177 compliant, which, when laid correctly, gives children the protection they need should an accident occur, whether in a public park or home play area.

We offer two play barks to suit every budget and scheme. Our 15-60mm Pine Play Area Bark is a wonderful reddy-brown colour with a heady pine odour. Alternatively, our 8-40mm Play Area Bark is designed for surfacing on a budget. A mid-brown colour, this bark still ensures a pleasing finish to any play area.

Our barks are 100% British sourced, non-staining and, with regular raking, play bark can last for years. It is durable in all weather conditions and can also be used for flower beds and borders.

For further information regarding how bark should be laid to achieve critical fall height requirements, please speak to one of our dedicated sales team who will be happy to advise.

civil engineers

Great Products for Builders, Groundworkers and Civil Engineers

For builders, civil engineers and groundworkers, AHS provides an outstanding service in sourcing and supplying competitively priced products from the UK’s leading manufacturers. Whatever the size of your order, call us for great prices, nationwide delivery and outstanding service from our dedicated, knowledgeable team.

AHS Paving Grid
The Solution to High Traffic Areas

As Autumn turns to Winter, the good old British weather normally brings with it a torrent of rain, which turns grass to mud and pathways into small lakes!

This is the time of year to let us help you endure the season with our 100% recycled and recyclable AHS Paving Grid. It is perfect for high traffic areas and pathways, and for agricultural applications for heavy machinery.

As well as being 100% recycled, our AHS Paving Grid is a durable, permeable, alternative surface for paving, walkways, car parks, cycle routes, verge stabilisation, private driveways, emergency access routes and even landing strips.

Paving grid helps in areas prone to flooding. As over 90% of the surface area is open, it allows the water to soak back into the water table, rather than washing away as would normally be the case with asphalt or concrete.

Its simple ‘click together and fill’ system makes light work of what would usually have taken a few days. Simply prepare the surface areas, lay the paving grid and fill it with gravel or sow grass seed into soil, for a more natural finish.

See our Paving Grid Installation Guide to learn just how quick and easy it is to lay AHS Paving Grid.

So, whether your driveway is prone to flooding or you need a temporary car park for an event, avoid the mess this winter and contact our sales team for further information.

Autumn in the Garden
Get Ready for the Winter

The summer is now well and truly over, which means getting the garden ready for winter. This is our guide to what needs doing at this time of year!

  • Plant spring bulbs

  • Plant spring bedding

  • Move delicate shrubs indoors/undercover before the first frosts

  • Lay new lawns

  • Dead head perennials, but please leave the seed heads for birds to feed on if you are not going to harvest them

  • Plant or move shrubs whilst the soil is still warm enough to do so

  • Clear up fallen leaves and use them for compost

  • Cut the hedges

  • Ensure that outdoor taps are insulated ready for the winter drop in temperatures

  • Batten down the hatches ready for the wind and rain to settle in.

This is one of the busiest times of the year, but once completed you’ll get sit back and enjoy your handiwork. Make the most of the break whilst you can, it won’t be long until it all starts over again!

Have you seen our new Heart of Eden All-Purpose Natural Compost? This compost is perfect for those Autumn planting jobs and it is 100% peat-free, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment whilst getting your little slice of heaven ready for winter.

Laying New Turf
Autumn into Winter

As the season turns from autumn to winter, this is the ideal time of year to lay new turf. Surprising, we know, but it really is the way forward – and here’s why…

  1. Heavy soil can be a pain to work with, but a well-prepared base makes life so much easier.

  2. Using the right machinery makes a lot of difference – make sure you are using the correct machine for the job, so you don’t create a bog!

  3. The turf is less likely to burn or be stressed during the laying process.

  4. Less water will be used during the initial process, as the turf and soil beneath will already be holding much more than during the summer period.

  5. Much better for the wildlife around the area – birds and animals won’t be nesting, and you won’t be disturbing pollinating bees. Keep an eye out just in case of visitors, but generally this is a much better idea than spring or summer turfing jobs.

  6. Any drainage issues can easily be spotted and fixed.

  7. Most trees and plants are dormant during this time of year.

  8. The turf has more time to develop and form strong roots.

  9. Less/no mowing until spring.

  10. Clients are less likely to want to get out in the garden and walk over freshly laid turf.

AHS Turf is ideal for all your turf projects, for everything from lawns to football pitches, so please contact our sales team today for further information.


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Proud to be greener and more environmentally conscious…

Here at AHS, we understand the need to supply environmentally sustainable, peat-free and recycled products. But what do we actually have in place, on a day-to-day basis within the Company to make sure we do our bit, no matter how small, for the Planet?

As part of our ISO Environmental Policy, AHS Ltd ensure the following:

  • The vehicles for our office staff have been reduced by one. Out of the remaining vehicles, 2 are now electric, with a third electric vehicle on order.

  • At our Head Office in Northiam we have an electric charge point for vehicles, which our staff and visitors can use for free.

  • Our electricity provider only uses power sourced from renewable energy.

  • All office-based stationery is recyclable.

  • All our glass, paper, newspapers, etc. are sent away for recycling – our staff can also make use of this facility by bringing their own recycling from home.

  • Office cleaning products are environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals entering the water system.

  • Our products are 100% peat-free.

  • NO hazardous chemicals or fertilizers are used in any of our products or at any of our sites around the country.

  • All products are environmentally sourced or recyclable.

Raw materials are sourced as close to use as possible, which minimises our carbon miles. Any virgin wood used comes from sustainable sources, which are generally certified forestry plantations. These forests are managed like any other crop, albeit the process is longer-term. It takes over 20 years for trees to be ready for production to begin, but 30 to 50 years for the trees to fully mature. Nothing is wasted from these trees, which ensures that it is not only efficient, but also environmentally-friendly.

As well as our ISO accreditation, we are proud to say that we are part of the United Nations’ #DecadeofAction campaign and are measuring our own carbon footprint. Please read our Latest News piece on achieving the PlanetMark year 2021 Business Certification for more information.

We believe that every one of us making a small change can have a positive impact on the environment and the sustainability of natural resources for generations to come.

agriculture_aerial view

At the heart
of sustainable forestry products

With a growing reputation for supplying all types of aggregates and many other landscaping and construction products, AHS is the one stop shop for all your landscaping and construction needs.

We work hard to ensure we provide a superior service along with quality products, competitive prices and raw materials obtained from renewable or sustainable sources.

We pride ourselves on having the best sales team in the industry, with in-depth knowledge of all our products, advising you on the most suitable solution for your project. Whether you are looking for a quote for a future job or have a live project and needed the product yesterday, we will hunt high and low to get you the best price and delivery time.

AHS provides an unparalleled delivery service across the UK with extremely fast delivery times. As a customer, you will have a dedicated sales team member at the end of the telephone.

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