Whether it’s for your own garden or a public play area, it is essential to choose the right play area safety surfacing.

Any surfacing should conform to BS EN1177 to ensure critical fall height testing has been met. This is the ‘maximum fall height from which a life-threatening head injury would not be expected to occur’. After that it is all down to the price, aesthetics and durability you are looking for.

Play Bark

This is a popular surface for play areas. It is long lasting, but also looks and smells fabulous! It is great for play areas with medium to heavy usage. Ensure you are using bark sourced from renewable or sustainable within the UK. As well as pine play bark nuggets, there are alternative economy play barks available.

Hardwood Play Chips

These are a hardwearing alternative to play bark and hardwood play chips can endure very heavy usage. It’s lighter in colour than play barks and offers a more rustic finish. Again, ensure you get your surfacing from renewable or sustainable UK sources.

Play Sand

This open is great for long jumps, sand pits and adventure trails. It has been washed to ensure it is non-staining and is great for projects on tight budgets. Play sand should also be non-toxic, as everything goes in little ones mouths!

Whether you are building a new play area or updating an existing one, check out our premium play area safety surfacing products which offer a quality finish that will withstand the rigours of endless trampling feet and whatever the British weather throws at it, enabling play all year round.