Boost Biodiversity in any Commercial, Residential, Community or School setting with our new range of BioScapes®

Biodiversity is vital to our future and is the fundamental contributor to processes such as pollinating our food, providing clean water and filtering the air we breathe. We upset these systems at our peril. The loss of woodland cover, and the destruction of peatlands and saltmarshes could render our homes and businesses more vulnerable to flooding.  No matter how much space you have, you can always make space for wildlife, and our range of BioScapes® provide the perfect solution in this respect by creating a self-contained area, which can be used in a range of environments, and that will support wildlife.

We aim to assist the process of restoring biodiversity by delivering tangible, quantifiable outcomes with the BioCube®, NatureArk® and WildPod®. These products provide multiple integrated habitats and support a wide range of UK flora and fauna from single-celled microorganisms and fungi through to pollinators, amphibians, and small mammals; all equally important to the future of our planet.

With mandatory requirements for all new developments being set at 10% and looking like becoming law in 2023, our new BioCube® is essential for any site. The BioCube® is a unique patented product that has been developed to create species-rich ecosystems, and directly address the need for biodiversity net gain. This is achieved through the creation of integrated habitats capable of supporting small mammals, amphibians, microorganisms, and invertebrates. It’s best suited to large residential, community or commercial settings.

BioCubes® can be joined together to form a larger interconnected unit dependent upon the needs of the site. Each BioCube® us made from recycled or recyclable materials.

If you’re looking to encourage wildlife or introduce a rewilding area, the NatureArk® offers a convenient all-in-one solution. It’s been developed to create and support species-rich ecosystems from a single multi-habitat unit. This is the mid-size unit in our range, suited to a number of outdoor spaces, from private gardens to educational settings and community areas.

The WildPod® is a compact unit, designed to attract wildlife into smaller spaces – from patios and back yards to roof terraces and balconies. Even medium-sized outdoor spaces, such as school playgrounds or commercial environments where space may be at a premium, can benefit from adding a WildPod® as a stand-alone feature or as part of a rewilding project.

To find out more about these fantastic additions to our product range visit our website or contact one of our experienced sales team on 0333 207 0440 to discuss which BioScape® best suits your project requirements.