For over 30 years AHS have been at the forefront of bark and compost production in the UK, but we thought it was time to design a range of products for Garden Centres. Et voila, in August 2022 the Heart of Eden Range was officially launched.

We have applied our years of knowledge and development to this new range, which is made in the rolling hills of the Eden Valley in Cumbria. With the environment central to our company ethos, we produce the range from sustainable sources obtained as close to utilisation as possible, therefore minimising the carbon miles travelled. We are also committed to reducing carbon emissions by ensuring that the complete range is Peat Free.

There is not minimum order, if you want a mixed load of the range we are happy to deliver. We have no breaks in production or delivery throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about peak buying periods and running out of stock.

We are constantly developing the range, but at the moment we have the “famous five” which are being introduced at GLEE 2023 – more about that soon so put 27th – 29th June in your diaries now!

Check out the range via the links below or speak to our knowledgeable sales team on 0333 207 0440 to find out how to become a stockist of The Heart of Eden Range.

All-purpose Natural Compost

Composted Bark Fines

Decorative Bark

Pine Bark Nuggets

Soil Improver