As the temperatures begin to rise, it is time to think about purchasing grass seed for your spring projects.

In this item we look a few of the different types of grasses used in our extensive range of hand-picked grass seeds, to help decide the on the best mix for your needs.


Red Fescues are extremely hardy will thrive in drought prone soil, which is in shade or full sunlight. They can also adapt to acidic soil, such as under conifer trees.

As our summers are getting hotter, grasses like the Red Fescue are ideal to use where supplementary watering is scarce.


Perennial Rye Grass is a hardy native grass which is commonly used for amenity areas and in fields used for grazing livestock.

Due to its popularity for animal grazing and forage production, it can also be found growing along most grass verges in the UK.

Perennial Rye Grass is ideal for high-traffic areas which are regularly trampled and popular with the construction industry for use within housing estate complexes.


This UK native is ideal has a shallow root system to ensure it thrives in coastal areas including mud flats, sand dunes and salt marshes.

It can also grow on steep inclines and has high levels of tolerance to salt spray. It is found on nearly every coastal stretch of the UK.


With its tolerance to close cutting and high shoot density, the Trophy Chewings Fescue is commonly used with a mix of other Fescue grasses for fairways, tees and golf greens.

When mixed with other species, it also makes an ideal base for cricket outfields.

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