Don’t get bogged down this year, try the AHS Paving Grid.

With the weather being somewhat wild at the moment, have you thought about turning boggy areas into usable spaces with the AHS Paving Grid?

This product is easy to use, 100% recycled and recyclable. It is perfect for high traffic areas and pathways, and for agricultural applications for heavy machinery.

Available in either 25mm or 40mm to ensure the perfect finish for your project, AHS Paving Grid is a durable, permeable, alternative surface for paving, walkways, car parks, cycle routes, verge stabilisation, private driveways, emergency access routes and even landing strips.

Paving grid helps in areas prone to flooding. As over 90% of the surface area is open, it allows the water to soak back into the water table, rather than washing away as would normally be the case with asphalt or concrete.

Its simple ‘click together and fill’ system makes light work of what would usually have taken a few days. Simply prepare the surface areas, lay the paving grid and fill it with gravel or sow grass seed into soil, for a more natural finish.

See our Paving Grid Installation Guide to learn just how quick and easy it is to lay AHS Paving Grid.

So, whether your driveway is prone to flooding or you need a temporary car park for an event, avoid getting bogged down this year and contact our sales team for further information.