Giving back to nature is leading 2022 landscaping trends.

With the awareness of the need to restore UK peatlands at the forefront of people’s minds, now is the time to look at another leading trend across the Landscape Industry for 2022, Wildflower Meadows.

With 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows having been destroyed since WWII (7.5 million acres), it has never been a better time to look at creating a more natural habitat for local flora and fauna. Not only does it increase biodiversity, but flower rich meadows and grasslands can store up to 500% more carbon than just grasses alone.

Fruit and vegetable producers rely on pollinators to produce a bountiful crop. Without this job being done, the farming industry will need to rely more and more on artificial pollination. This is not only costly, but will have yet another negative impact on the environment.

Thankfully Local Authorities are now also answering the call to give back to nature, with 7 out of 10 Local Councils boosting the wildflower numbers by implementing reduced mowing schemes.

Who also doesn’t love a walk through wildflower meadows, listening to the sounds of nature and appreciating the wonderful array of colours on view? With mental health awareness at its highest for many years, more and more parks, stately homes and organisations are also offering mindful wildflower walks to visitors.

So, with such a positive impact on nature and our surroundings, why not take a look at our AHS Wildflower Seed mixes. With something for every budget, soil type and surroundings, now is the time to give back to nature.