As people scramble to find alternatives, we are here to advise on the options available and tell you – No Peat…Not Ever.

Woodfibre based Peat Free composts are taken from virgin wood chips, which are normally dyed by the manufacturer with a material such as coal dust, to give consumers a more aesthetically pleasing finish. The problem with this base not being a composted material, it consequently leaches nitrogen from the compost and manufacturers must therefore add synthetic fertiliser to compensate for this. Additional issues then arise when the material has sat for an extended period all the nitrogen in the substrate will be consumed by the woodfibre, and continued feeding will be necessary. Moreover, the material once watered becomes be a grey fibrous product, which is extremely poor at retaining water, therefore additional watering will be needed. This is why we believe professional growers are finding the transition from peat-based products to peat free exceedingly difficult.

Our Heart of Eden All-Purpose PEAT FREE Natural Compost are produced using composted bark fines and has been 40 years in development. During this time, we have never used peat in our products, but created perfect alternatives; therefore, we have no need to add to the confusion during incoming legislation but show you – No Peat…Not Ever.

Our Composted Bark Fines are graded 0-10mm and are composted over a period of 6-8 weeks until they begin to release the nitrogen, which is essential for plant growth. Other key elements of our Heart of Eden All-Purpose PEAT FREE Natural Compost blend are recycled coir, sourced from soft fruit nurseries and used alongside our virgin coir in the recipe. We then add our own rurally sourced green compost, which has a low carbon footprint.

The Heart of Eden All-Purpose PEAT FREE Natural compost will also continue to develop, even if left in sealed bags. It also gives impressive results without additional feed or fertiliser, as shown in internal and independent trials against mainstream market competitors. Clients have also found a substantial reduction in the need for watering due to its water retention properties.

We have also been supplying the Landscape Industry for over 30 years with the PEAT FREE AHS Multi-Purpose BS3882 Topsoil, which is a blend of specialist sands and PAS100 Organic Green Compost and meets the requirements of British Standards Specification BS3882:2015. This premium soil is perfect for multiple applications; including established parks, raised planters and vegetable gardens. It increases water retention and provides the ideal environment for plant life to thrive. It can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes, demonstrating No Peat…Not Ever.

When choosing our Heart of Eden All-Purpose PEAT FREE Natural Compost or AHS Multi-Purpose BS3882 Topsoil, you also benefit from our dedicated nationwide service, as well as our green credentials which include our Planet Mark Accreditation.

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