This time of year isn’t just about the changing colours of the landscape around us, but there are crucial jobs to be undertaken which will not only keep your garden looking good, but healthy as well!

One of the many versatile products you can use is a good quality Topsoil. Here’s a few handy hints on how to use this fantastic product to its full potential.

  • Mulching – you probably don’t often think about it as a first choice for mulching, but Topsoil can be used as a protective layer around your shrubs and plants. It helps retain moisture and guard against those Winter and Spring frosts.
  • Raised Beds – if you are planning raised beds for winter vegetables, add a layer of Topsoil to improve the condition of the original soil and help drainage during those wet winter months.
  • Spring Flower Beds – use this time to clear weeds and debris, then enhance the beds by adding Topsoil to ensure improved soil fertility and flower growth.
  • Enrich your Soil – by mixing Topsoil with a compost, such as well-rotted horse manure, you will be helping to increase your soils nutrients. This is an absolute must to build a strong foundation for next year’s planting.

So, no matter the size of your garden or planting scheme, Topsoil is a valuable addition to your Autumn gardening routine.