AHS Barks and Woodchips provide outstanding organic weed suppression by reducing the need for expensive manual or chemical control on all planting schemes. They are durable, long-lasting, and free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds.

Mulching creates an insulating layer throughout the winter months, helps to protect root structures from the damage associated with frozen ground.

With our springs and summers are getting hotter and during these periods, AHS Barks and Woodchips help to preserve moisture levels in soil, which also helps to reduce stress levels and plant losses. It’s a totally natural way to reduce the frequency of manual watering, therefore, helping to preserve valuable water supplies.

Bark and Woodchips also provide a hostile living environment for pests, and it provides natural organic matter to improve soil structure.

All our Barks and Woodchips are sustainably sourced which also makes using them a greener option than sprays and other treatments against pests for flower beds and borders.

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