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Play Area Softwood Chips

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Application Rate

We recommend that all our mulches are laid at a depth of between 50 & 100mm to obtain the best results.

Available In

Bulk Bags

70l Bags

Bulk Loose

High quality softwood playground chips, FSC certified and produced from 100% British softwood from sustainable sources, it is light to pale brown in colour.

  • 90% of particles range from 5-30mm, screened and processed to remove 90% of fines and material below 5mm
  • Complies with BS EN 1177 industry standard
  • Contains no additives or colouring
  • Wood content 95%+
  • Free from pests, weeds, pathogens and has not been treated with methyl bromide
  • Free of all foreign matter so as to comply with current legislation and our own strict standards