AHS Green Sleepers


AHS Green Sleepers are sustainably sourced and perfect for indoor or outdoor use, for a variety of applications.

Our green FSC®-certified sawn softwood sleepers are versatile, fantastic quality and ideal for both large landscaping schemes and private gardens.

AHS Green Sleepers are available in a number of sizes to complement any project. For general landscaping and garden construction, our sawn softwood sleepers are perfect for most applications such as retaining walls, edging and raised vegetable and flower beds.

They are treated with Tanalith E to provide many years of life (10-15 years). This treatment is water based and forced through hydraulic pressure deep into the structure of the sleeper, not only does it provide a longer life span it helps to protect against insect and fungal attack plus general moisture penetration.

Upon external exposure our green sleepers will gradually mellow over time and turn a wonderful shade of silver grey. This weathering process does not indicate any loss of protection.

As a natural product, each sleeper is unique.  This means that there may be colour variations, splits, knots and wanes.

  • Raised beds
  • Planters
  • Outdoor or indoor seating
  • Raised garden ponds
  • Retaining walls
  • Lawn edging
  • FSC®-certified
  • High quality – HC3 treated
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For landscaping and construction
  • Long lasting
  • 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm
  • 1.2m x 100mm x 200mm
  • 2.4m x 120mm x 240mm
  • 1.2m x 120mm x 240mm.

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Laying New Turf
Autumn into Winter

As the season turns from autumn to winter, this is the ideal time of year to lay new turf. Surprising, we know, but it really is the way forward – and here’s why…

  1. Heavy soil can be a pain to work with, but a well-prepared base makes life so much easier.

  2. Using the right machinery makes a lot of difference – make sure you are using the correct machine for the job, so you don’t create a bog!

  3. The turf is less likely to burn or be stressed during the laying process.

  4. Less water will be used during the initial process, as the turf and soil beneath will already be holding much more than during the summer period.

  5. Much better for the wildlife around the area – birds and animals won’t be nesting, and you won’t be disturbing pollinating bees. Keep an eye out just in case of visitors, but generally this is a much better idea than spring or summer turfing jobs.

  6. Any drainage issues can easily be spotted and fixed.

  7. Most trees and plants are dormant during this time of year.

  8. The turf has more time to develop and form strong roots.

  9. Less/no mowing until spring.

  10. Clients are less likely to want to get out in the garden and walk over freshly laid turf.

AHS Turf is ideal for all your turf projects, for everything from lawns to football pitches, so please contact our sales team today for further information.

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