The Benefits of Using Mulches

Whether landscaping a small garden or a larger public plot, our range of bark mulches can cover every eventuality, ensuring that, no matter the project, we can meet both the requirements and budget of the professional landscaper.

For the professional, mulches are the perfect way to offset a recently landscaped space. Aside from the immediate aesthetic value to the newly landscaped area, mulches form an important layer of protection for flowers and plant life. In fact, there are several horticultural benefits that bark mulch offers:

Improving appearance – Bark mulch adds a pleasing decorative finish to a freshly landscaped garden, protecting fresh plants and flowers as they become established and giving a uniform look to the landscaped space.

Moisture retention – A layer of bark mulch helps retain rain and administered water, preserving it in the ground, thus helping to prevent soil drying out, which is hugely beneficial to flowers and plants.

Weed control – One of the more persistent and frustrating problems for the gardener and landscaper, weed growth can turn a beautifully manicured garden to an unsightly one in a matter of days. Weeds can also be hazardous to other plant life, overwhelming slower-growing varieties and suffocating them before they become fully established. Bark mulch really comes into its own here, providing a highly effective barrier that helps to keep weeds at bay and away from sunlight.

Protection against inclement weather – While the UK’s temperate climate means relatively warm, wet summers, winter frosts are also prevalent, which can mean unprotected plants may suffer damaged roots as a result of freezing and thawing from autumn to spring. A layer of bark mulch insulates the plant against fluctuations in soil temperature and helps to protect its roots throughout winter.

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