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Bark & Mulches

8-35mm Contract Ornamental Bark
5-35mm Spruce Ornamental Bark
5-75mm Amenity Bark
0-50mm Commercial Bark
Woodland Mulch
5-35mm Ornamental Chip Bark
15-65mm Ornamental Chip Bark
5-35mm Redwood Bark
15-65mm Bark Nuggets
30-60mm Pine Nuggets
18-35mm Pine Ornamental Bark
5-35mm Pine Ornamental Bark
20-50mm Maritime Pine Bark
Fine Composted Bark
Medium Amenity Bark

Play & Safety Surfacing

8-40mm Play Area Bark
20-50mm Maritime Pine
8-25mm Pine Play Bark
10-50mm Pine Play Bark
18-35mm Pine Play Bark
30-60mm Pine Play Bark
Play Area Wood Fibre
Play Area Hardwood Chips
Play Area Softwood Chips
Play Sand
Rubber Chips

Composts & Soil Improvers

John Innes Compost
Seed & Cutting Compost
Tree & Basket Compost
All Purpose Potting Compost
Multi Purpose Compost
Ericaceous Compost
Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost
Top Grow
Mushroom Compost
Organic Green Compost
Farm Yard Manure
Fine Composted Bark


Root Zones
Urban Tree Sand
Top Dressing
Top Soil


Wood Shavings
Equestrian Wood Fibre

Thank you for requesting a sample, we will aim to get this to you as soon as possible.

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