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Social Responsibility

AHS’s Social Responsibility Policy

Our goal is to build a sustainable future for all employees, customers, suppliers and the greater environment around us

Our Statement

AHS are committed to ensuring all staff are equipped with the knowledge, tools, training and confidence to conduct their roles in the most efficient manner and to make decisions without needing to consult others, we are committed to improve all employee’s development through training to create a dedicated and committed workforce

We consider staff to be part of the family and we are committed to keeping them informed of company affairs through regular staff and management meetings and looking after their welfare and ensuring time spent at work is enjoyable and rewarding so reducing levels of work place stress.

The company wants a healthy and happy workforce and has several policies and practices in place to ensure we achieve this. This includes quarterly staff appraisals and the opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries with which the business can help. Free annual eye tests and help with the cost of glasses.  Fair treatment with regard to sick pay and the need to seek medical care or assessment, this includes full pay entitlement during the time taken to attend doctor or hospital appointments, the company has a long-term goal of providing free medical insurance and gym membership to promote a healthy workforce.

AHS are also committed to ensuring that we provide equal opportunity, treatment and fair remuneration of all men and women within the business, the business has also adopted a no tolerance anti bullying & discrimination policy against disabled and employees of all sexual orientations and gender identity.

In summary, the company will work with employees to be understanding and Intune with individual needs at all times, a commitment that we hope will create a long-lasting relationship between employer and employee.

Customers: AHS commit to treating all customers in an honest and fair way at all times by providing high levels of customer services as outlined in our ISO 9001 statement.

We provide products of the highest standard that are tested or meet the requirements of British or European standards, samples for customer approval are available on all products and will be an honest and representative example of the product.

A full technical support service is available across our product range and we arrange site visits to discuss any of our product range.

All quotes and prices are provided through our automated system, providing customers the opportunity to inspect and approve via the automated system.

We commit to working within our Environmental policy at all times and will work with customers to source materials which meets the demands of special or environmentally sensitive projects.

All deliveries will be made with the appropriate paperwork to be signed by customer as acceptance of goods, all products sold by bulk loose volume are calculated using the Bulk Density Test as outlined in BS EN 12579:2000 & BS EN 12580:2000. Supplies of Soils and Aggregates and many other products are based on weight, with a weigh bridge certificate.

Suppliers: AHS commit to working with all supplier’s in a fair and honest way.

We will pay all suppliers in accordance with our agreed terms at all times.

We have in place an Anti-Bribery and corruption policy and will ensure our relationship with all suppliers meets this policy at all times.

AHS encourage suppliers to work within our standards and will work with them to improve product ranges to meet our requirements.

AHS view suppliers as an integral part of our business and want to create long and lasting relationship between our two companies which will be to the benefit of all customers.

Local Communities and charitable support: AHS have and will continue to be a supporter of charities and the local community.

We regularly make donations of materials to projects and charities throughout the UK, we have also made donations to Animal welfare organizations such as those working with orphaned Orangutans in Indonesia. This year we are going to make donations to help protect the African Elephants from poaching.

In the Local community, we have supported the Local Bonfire Society for several years, they raise funds for local causes and we have been proud to have been generous supporters. We also have supported the local primary school by contributing towards the cost of the School lollipop lady after funding was withdrawn by the County Council

Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policy 

AHS Ltd is committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees, free from discrimination on any ground and from harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying.  AHS Ltd will operate a zero-tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, treating all incidents seriously and investigating promptly all allegations of sexual harassment and bullying.  Any person found to have sexually harassed or bullied another will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from employment.  All complaints of sexual harassment and bullying will be taken seriously and treated with respect and in confidence.  No one will be victimised for making such a complaint.

Mark Rodrigues HR and Compliance Manager will provide full details on this policy and the procedure complaint mechanism.