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ACO Rain-Ceptor is a domestic rainwater harvesting system, allowing rainwater to be collected, stored and reused for applications that do not require potable quality water.

Rainwater harvesting helps to conserve valuable water resources and reduce the impact of extreme weather events. In addition rainwater harvesting can reduce the risk of localised flooding in heavy storms by diverting water from roof areas into an underground storage tank.

Manufactured from polyethylene and easy to install, this system is fully compliant with BS 8515:2009 Rainwater harvesting systems - Code of practice, and meets and exceeds the Code for Sustainable Homes and the revised Part G of the Building Regulations 2010.

The ACO Rain-Ceptor range of rainwater harvesting tanks is designed for two applications:

  • The direct feed system features a pumped feed for connection to domestic appliances where non-potable water is used
  • The irrigation system is for exterior garden use such as watering plants or car washing, potentially offering a means of overcoming hosepipe bans

Tanks may be installed to outflow either to a soakaway or to main drainage.

All tanks are fitted with an integral leaf filter, and tanks for connection to main drainage feature an integral anti-surcharge valve. Domestic tanks are supplied with automatic mains top-up: garden irrigation tanks are supplied with or without mains top-up. A low water level alarm is fitted to all tanks with mains top-up.

ACO Rain-Ceptor tanks are supplied with all the necessary components fitted. The pump and low level alarm should then be installed by a suitably qualified electrician and connected to the control panel within the building. For the domestic systems, connections to the appliances to be serviced should be made by a suitably qualified plumber.

The water-saving benefits of the ACO Rain-Ceptor rainwater harvesting tanks have been recognised by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) with their inclusion on the latest ‘Water Technology List’. Approved products on this list meet DEFRA’s criteria for water efficiency, which allows any business now buying an ACO Rain-Ceptor tank to offset 100% of the purchase cost against taxable profit in the year of purchase

Available in:

  • Six sizes with storage volumes ranging from 1380 to 2060 litres, to meet the requirements of a wide range of property sizes and rainfall volumes.

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