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AHS Paving Grid carpark in Suffolk 

From rutted and puddle-filled to level and free-draining - AHS paves the way to the future of carpark surfacing.

Before AHS was called upon to supply Paving Grid for this carpark, in a popular tourist spot on the Suffolk coast, this site had been subjected to a ceaseless battering from the elements and year-round use by vehicles and pedestrians.  The resulting surface was a worn and rutted patch of loose gravel and mud. 

Then AHS appeared with the solution!

AHS Paving Grid has been specially designed to combat problems associated with traditional surfacings.

Firstly, the grids are free draining, so no more surface water build up.   

Secondly, the grids hold and sustain your choice of infill material - gravel, stone or soil and seed.  This offers two benefits:

  1. You get the finish you want and;
  2. Unlike loose surfacings, which require topping up and raking over to maintain them, these grids retain the infill materials, meaning a constantly level surface with no scattering.

It's not only carparks benefiting from AHS Paving Grid; campsites and holiday parks are increasingly choosing AHS Paving Grid for hardstandings, grass parking areas and areas of foot and vehicular traffic.  Paving Grid is also popular for outdoor attractions, golf course walkways and other green spaces.

To request a brochure or for more information, please call 0333 207 0440.