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BallastOur visual perception is as important as the construction involved with the view before us, if a line of fence posts resembles the local Rugby club after winning their recent match, surely the time and effort involved with its carefully measured post positions deserves, just as much thought for the stability at its base, no staggered lines or wavering posts but quality products, providing long term stability and overall cost effectiveness, why, because the job has been correctly carried out with good quality materials, hence security from start to finished product. AHS are at the heart of Sands and Aggregates and pride ourselves on the wide range of quality construction and landscaping materials we have available, this includes products that are both Decorative and eye catching, to the power beneath the finished project, the sands, ballast, post mixes and also Road Specialist Products.

AHS supply both the quality and the goods

The incredible diversity of landscapes that unfold before us around the UK is quite staggering when you remember that we are an Island, but, we are an Island of amazing shapes and scenic marvels, some created by the wonders of Nature, others incredibly visualised and constructed by ‘Mans’ hard work and creative awareness. AHS supply both the quality and the goods, whilst also offering advice and help to be able to achieve first class results in both the construction and landscaping field, with a ready support team from experienced advisors an achievement in excellence is not just a dream, it becomes a reality. MOT Type 1

With the ever growing population comes the need for housing, with the construction and development of property and new estates come the roads and pathways and with the finished development the landscaping becomes the ‘icing on the cake’. From fencing to pathways and drives AHS offer quality and choice with all their products including the enormous range of Decorative Aggregates, which include various sizes of Gravel and Shingle, we have a selection of colours with our beautiful Decorative Slate Aggregate, Weathered Flint and the eternal Pea Gravel. For some, the use of Highland Pebbles and the beautiful Scottish Cobbles, can project a feeling of timeless elegance in the finished product of a Landscape or Garden design and irrespective of the size of the chosen destination for any of our Decorative Aggregates, the results always ooze quality and care in the finished project.

Weathered Flint Visual experience that will be an award winner

AHS pride themselves with all aspects of Construction and Landscaping, be it small or large ‘if a jobs worth doing its worth doing well’ and the use of Quality products, a support team that cares and a large variety in choice of Sands and Aggregates, AHS know our products will offer a cost-effective, visual experience that will be an award winner from start to finish.