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Safety with Wildlife Tunnels!

ACO Climate Tunnel The statistics for Wildlife deaths on roads are staggering, although actual figures can, depending on the location and environment in which the Wildlife thoroughfare is active, be higher when used more frequently. ACO Wildlife Tunnels offer a unique and innovative system that, at last, enables man, vehicle and Wildlife an opportunity to co-exist without the, sometimes traumatic sight, of yet another animal death caused through modern living requirements.

ACO Wildlife Tunnel System

The ACO Wildlife Tunnel System is a seamless system that is manufactured from Polymer Concrete, this in itself prevents any chance of disorientation once the animals have entered the safety of the tunnel, by ensuring there is no risk of distortion due to a change in naturally occurring magnetic fields. The ACO Wildlife Tunnel System can be safely and easily installed with either solid or slotted tops and this unique Wildlife safety system also has the ‘mind-set’ of the animals high on its agenda, as the entrance to the ACO Tunnel System ensures a herding entrance, thus ensuring that the Wildlife users are gently guided into the tunnel entrance, discouraging them from gaining access to the carriageway. ACO Climate Tunnel

Mammals and amphibians that will make use of the installation

With the ever marching tide of progress there is the inevitable Wildlife toll to be sadly paid, but the opportunity to install the ACO Wildlife Tunnel System allows a safe right off passage to ensure that every attempt has been made to allow a level of safety that will bring the numbers of casualties down to a minimum. From the residential housing developments to the newly constructed Industrial estates, roads, causeways and other areas are now being identified as Wildlife hotspots with regard to their mortality. Local environmental observers are working alongside the builders and developers to try and ensure that Wildlife and man can live safely alongside each other and with the installation of the ACO Wildlife Tunnel System there is an obvious willing to ensure that the maximum assistance is given to the tide of developments that are a necessity of modern day living.

Wildlife habitats that stand in the path of progress

This unique system allows for easy installation and the slotted design will, at all times, give light and humidity to the Wildlife that uses its facility, a winning outcome for all concerned and a much needed safe carriageway for the many mammals and amphibians that will make use of the installation of the ACO Wildlife Tunnel, a small price to pay for the Wildlife habitats that stand in the path of progress and a happier outcome for the wonderful variety of different species of Wildlife we share our lives with.