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Original Hedgehog HouseWith the British love affair with the wonderful assortment of Wildlife we have in the UK, comes the very real concerns over safe environments in which they can live. We have such a diverse and fascinating landscape in this country, from our beautiful rural locations to the urban sprawl that is ever encroaching on our day to day lives.

Our UK Wildlife struggle on a day to day basis with a serious loss of natural habitat, from nest sites to waterways, farmland and woodland but the advancing knowledge of their life styles and refuge needs allow many to take part in securing their safety and survival for many of our now, endangered species.

Shelter from weather and predators is a very real daily survival skill

Landscaping projects, from the smallest to the largest are playing an enormous role in allowing new safe refuges, providing safety from predators and the elements of the British weather. Commercial developments and the advancing residential developments, are all rising to the aid of the beleaguered UK Wildlife, who so desperately battle to find safe nest sites and ground cover. The shelter from weather and predators is a very real daily survival skill for many and the opportunity to aid in this life supporting battle is an undertaking that many are now choosing to help with. The education bodies, like Schools and colleges and the Parks and Gardens, both private and municipal, are striving to aid in the task of assisting our wonderful British Wildlife with their battle and AHS have ensured that, from the smallest mammal and Amphibian to the largest of our birds of prey, there is a refuge or aid to allow our Wildlife a security blanket in the form of new nest boxes or specific ground refuge. Dormouse House

ACO Wildlife Kerb has been awarded honours from the charity PETA

The varied range of Wildlife refuges available from AHS are specifically manufactured to cover all the essential benefits required for survival from weather and predators, these include the ACO Wildlife refuges, with their varied size openings allowing different species the opportunity of taking up residence and an open base, so as to allow natural ground humidity to be contained within the shelter. These can be easily hidden by a variety of coverings allowing concealment as-well as safety. The purpose built FSC timber framed Dormouse refuge, again is specific to the requirements of this tiny nocturnal mammal and the ACO Wildlife Kerb has been awarded honours from the charity PETA( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for its innovative design of Kerb protector, allowing Amphibians to follow the kerb edge safely, by using the recessed edging and avoiding the ‘gully grating’. The support given to our Wildlife within new building and development- projects and design ideas in Landscaping are enabling the survival of many species, without our help they could face the real prospect of extinction.