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Rite EdgeThe expert anatomy of the landscaped lawn has long been the dread of many of those dedicated to the on-going care of our many beautiful gardens and parks. With pristine edging the bane of most that strive to maintain the glory of the green carpet that can transform even the dullest landscape, into the manicured lawns that grace these wonderful vistas.

For centuries the Landscape gardener would design and tend the edging surrounding incredible pallets of floral colour or woodland hideaways, encouraging the eye of the beholder to marvel at their incredible skill involved with the immaculate edge to borders and lawns, the skill and hard work involved in its maintenance a battle in itself and an easier task begged for as each day slides into night.

Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy this product has a life span of at least 27 years

The fact that so many have striven to undertake this gruelling task bought forth many an attempt at resolving, or at least aiding, in the edge battle. Landscapers and designers alike sought to help ease this horticultural burden and have come up with the Multi-Award Winning RITE-EDGE,  a wonder of professional minds that have formatted a specific design to ease the work load of many a weary grounds-man or gardener. RITE-EDGE is a manufacturing marvel, made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy this product has a life span of at least 27 years, as if that were not enough, there is no rusting to worry about, painting or even staining. Its capabilities allow you peace of mind with not even the worry of replacing to take into consideration. Rite Edge in use

RITE-EDGE allows you to securely fix your chosen landscaping design with secure barbed fixing stakes and its unique telescopic design enables easy and light fitting to any area, the smooth rounded top edging means the safety element will allow no damage to the lawn mower blade or human slip as there are no sharp edges. The fact that RITE-EDGE also has a castellated body, gives the extra strength to allow any size lawn mower from the heaviest to the lightest the opportunity to glide across the grass safely and as for the concerns of ‘Jack-Frost’ spitefully lifting your beautiful new edging again, the fact that RITE-EDGE has this castellated body it prevents any kind of lifting from frost issues. 

Multi-award winning edging aid has the WOW factor

The installation of RITE-EDGE could not be easier and with the colours available, there is a match to any area thus allowing a variety of borders large and small, wooded or grassed, gravelled, pebbled slate or bark, this wonderful multi-award winning edging aid has the WOW factor from lawns to paths, curves or glorious sweeps RITE-EDGE allows the pristine glory of a perfectly manicured garden or park the opportunity to be the envy of all who survey its perfect lines.