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Homes for Hedgehogs!

A report by the British Trust for Ornithology indicates, at a conservative estimate, a quarter of the UK's hedgehog population has been lost in the last ten years. 

There are a variety of factors at play including extensive agriculture and the use of pesticides reducing the amount of prey available. Suitable habitats are being lost as smaller and tidier gardens use fencing which prevents hedgehogs moving between gardens, in addition to new buildings and roads carving up suitable habitats. Tens of thousands of hedgehogs also die on the roads each year.

With Bonfire Night just around the corner and hedgehogs at risk of being burned in large pre-built bonfires now is a good time of year to think about providing hedgehogs with suitable habitats. Hedgehogs typically hibernate to conserve energy between the months of November and March when food is scarce.

How can Ahs help on your next landscaping project?
  • Planting hedging which provides rough areas for shelter
  • Making small holes in walls or fences so they can move freely
  • Providing a hedgehog habitat

Ahs provide a range of habitats including the ACO Wildlife Refuge, which is suitable for a range of animals including hedgehogs, lizards and insects and the attractive, timber Original Hedgehog House.

The much-loved hedgehog has been named as Britain’s National Species by a 2013 BBC Wildlife poll so let’s all do our part to protect it.