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Helping birds stay cosy this winter

Owl eyes

Autumn is well and truly here and is the perfect time of year to care for birds, both big and small.

Artificial nest boxes are an ideal substitute for birds due to the decline in natural and traditional nesting sites for hole nesting birds. 

Jeff Baker from the British Trust for Ornithology advises September to February is the best time of year to install a bird box. Providing shelter from rain, wind and freezing temperatures in the winter months helps smaller birds make it through to spring and also increases the chance of the birds nesting in the same box come springtime. 

An ideal finishing touch for your landscaping project, Ahs offers a range of bird boxes for large birds of prey such as owls and kestrels to the smallest garden bird such as blue tits, marsh tits, coal tits and wrens.ACO Nest Box

In addition to the wooden nest boxes is the ACO nest box, an unobtrusive solution which integrates into new build and existing properties which can either be built into a wall during the construction process or retrospectively fitted by cutting out a suitable area.

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