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Sowing rate: 10-25g/m2

Overseeding: 10g/m2

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20kg Bags



A land reclamation mixture suitable for landfill/ quarry sites and spoil heaps. The cultivars chosen represent the best commercially available. Perennial ryegrass will establish quickly and act as a nurse crop whilst the broad range of species included provide excellent tolerance to environmental stress.


Mowing height: Light grazing or mow as required down to 75mm
Seed mix*: 25% Samanta Slender CRF, 20% Ruebens Flattened Meadow Grass, 20% Irondal Late Tetraploid PRG, 10% Blue Sheep’s Fescue, 10% Bornito Hard Fescue, 2.5% Rivendel Small Leaved White Clover, 2.5% Birdsfoot Trefoil.
Available in: 20kg bags


*Varieties may change depending on seasonal availability. In this instance, any changes will be to seeds of the same variety, ensuring the specification remains unchanged.