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Hard and Softwood Sleepers


The use of wooden Sleepers in Landscaping provides a beautiful and pleasing finish to any project and AHS Ltd pride themselves on the fact that our Sleepers are one of our Best Sellers, offering a wide range of sizes, which include new and used Oak as well as our Softwood Sleepers. AHS Ltd offer, both treated and untreated ranges and ensure that all our sleepers are free of creosote following government guidelines since 2003, where EU Law prohibits the sale of any Sleepers that have this used as a preservative. The sizes and ranges available from AHS Ltd offer the customer a choice when choosing for any project, with Reclaimed you have Grades A & B – 2.6m x 250mm x 150mm, our New Oak and Softwood Sleepers (Green & Brown) come in sizes 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm and 2.4m x 250mm x 125mm.

Sleepers will complement any surroundings by incorporating a natural look

The innovative and eye catching results from the use of Sleepers can cover a multitude of projects both in Landscaping and recreational projects, even providing sculptural elements in certain locations. Within the Building and Construction areas, the need for more homes also includes Play Areas and the use of Sleepers within these confines can provide hours of fun when used as a ‘Fort Wall’, seats or even as a retaining wall for a ‘Sand Pit’. With the popularity of Landscaping projects AHS Ltd guarantee our Sleepers will compliment any surroundings by incorporating a natural but robust, addition to any area. With the need for more wheelchair and mobility friendly facilities a raised bed with a retaining wall of Sleepers is ideal and will enable the user, access to planting that otherwise would have been restricted.

Plant life is encouraged by the safety barrier of the Sleeper controlling heavy foot traffic

Sleepers can also be used as smaller planters, giving distinctive and unusual effect for specific or ornamental planting, and incorporating Sleepers into furniture in a rustic style picnic table, benching or chairs can also add to your Landscaping. With larger areas, the use of Sleepers as side retainers on footpaths, has also allowed less soil erosion from seasonal rainfall, preventing it washing away, native plant life is encouraged by the safety barrier of the Sleeper controlling heavy foot traffic in areas like parks and large gardens. In some wetland projects the use of Sleepers as deck and raised walkway areas, has allowed, not only the users to enjoy the beauty of the area, but the inhabitants of the wetland to breed successfully in a newly created, but safer habitat.

AHS Ltd pride themselves at all times for their commitment to the environment and our customers, the quality of all its products, the choice of Sleepers that we have available and our fantastic team who are there to help and guide you with all and any enquiries will also guarantee fast and efficient delivery throughout the UK, we will guide you safely and professionally to your completed project large or small.