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Rubber Chip Play Safety Surfacing


With children’s enjoyment in a Play area comes the primary concern of Safety, AHS Ltd pride themselves on being the UK’s leading supplier of loose fill Playground Surfacing and one of our best sellers is Play Area Rubber Chips. Our large range of products available for Play Area Safe Surfacing, are high quality and manufactured to the highest standard with outstanding value and an efficient guaranteed delivery throughout the UK.  AHS Ltd ensure that our Play Area Rubber Chips follow all British Safety Standard requirements, enabling the area in which they are to be enjoyed, many years of safety and fun, the use of Rubber Chips as a play surface also aid the environment as they are produced from recycled tyres.

The recycling of the tyres undergoes rigorous and stringent production, by cleaning and wire removal where relevant, the recycled Rubber Chips are cleaned at high temperatures and once this process is completed and they are passed as safe, the Rubber Chips are then coated with Non-Toxic colorants. The safe production and recycling that produces Rubber Chips is regularly tested for Fall Height Absorption, which also has to comply with British Industry Standard BS EN 1176 to ensure all safety measures are met.

Rubber Chips dry quickly which enables children to continue to play on a safe, dry surface

The use of Play Area Rubber Chips as a Safe Surfacing for Children’s Play Areas has many attributes that ensure a long lasting, ideal Safe Surface in all conditions as this product does not blow away, the Rubber Chips do not hold moisture and even with the inevitable downpour, the Play Area Rubber Chips dry quickly which enables children to continue to play on a safe, dry surface. The extensive treatment and safety measures involved with their production, also guarantee that the Rubber Chips are Fade and Stain resistant, Non-Toxic and resilient in their safety cushioning in the environment of Playground application. AHS Ltd also offer our Playground Rubber Chips in an assortment of colours to suit any area these include Black, Blue, Brown, Granite, Green, Purple and Terracotta.

With the Construction of new homes and Building projects there is often a requirement for Playground facilities included in the acceptance of a new housing development and AHS Ltd also ensure that, regardless of your requirements from smaller domestic projects to the larger community Play Areas, the quantity of Play Area Rubber Chips can be met with Bulk Bags, 20kg Bags and Bulk Loose orders, AHS Ltd also offer discounts on Bulk orders with our excellent team available to answer any of your queries

With little or no maintenance needed for Play Area Rubber Chips

The Safe Surfacing of your Play Area with the use of Rubber Chips is a main concern when creating your new Play Environment and the required thickness of the product is variable depending on the equipment being used and its height with 5cm thickness it will provide a safety impact of 1.4m or less and with 10cm you would achieve a fall height of 1.9m or less. With little or no maintenance needed for Play Area Rubber Chips other than perhaps a light rake to level or remove leaf debris, this particular Safe Surfacing is ideal. If the area to be covered is bare earth or grass then the use of a ground cover membrane may be advisable and for that Landscape impression, the use of Railway Sleepers as a retaining border can give a finishing touch to your Play Area, your finished project will offer a Safe Surface for years to come.