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Acidic Soils Mix

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Application Rate

Sowing rate: 5g/m2 (1kg will sow 200m2)

Available In

1kg Bag



Species in this mixture grow well in poor, acidic soils like heathland and in peaty soils and moorland areas.  Composed of 80% low-maintenance grasses and 20% flora. This mix contains a good balance flower colour which includes purple, yellow, blue, white, red and pink, it has been formulated and designed for this specific habitat. All flora seed elements guaranteed to be of native UK origin.


Seed mix*: 20% flora:

10% Agrimony, 10% Knapweed, 10% Meadow Buttercup, 10% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 8% St. John’s Wort, 8% Self Heal, 8% White Campion, 7% Devils Bit Scabious, 6% Sheep’s Sorrel, 5% Wood Sage, 5% Lady’s Bedstraw, 4% Betony, 3% Catsear, 3% Yarrow, 3% Oxeye Daisy.


  80% low-maintenance grasses for acidic soils:

40% Sheep’s Fescue, 20% Slender Red Fescue, 20% Crested Dogstail, 10% Browntop Bentgrass, 5% Sweet Vernal Grass, 5% Wavy Hairgrass.


Available in: 1kg bags


*Varieties may change depending on seasonal availability.  In this instance, any changes will be to seeds of the same variety, ensuring the specification remains unchanged.