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AHS posse set to plummet 12,000 feet from a plane -

want to give them a push?!

For 25 years it’s been our job to support landscapers and horticulturalists.  They, in turn, have supported AHS, by being our loyal customers for quarter of a century.

It’s one of the greatest things about having been in this business for so long – being able to follow and be a part of so many businesses as they’ve grown from small seeds to mighty oaks.

As part of our growth, we now support many sectors besides landscaping and horticulture, including construction and drainage, but landscapers and horticulturalists have always been and will continue to be the most perfect, nutrient-dense compost that keeps AHS thriving.  And for that, we wanted to give something back…

PERENNIAL: Helping horticulturists in need for over 175 years

Perennial is the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping everyone who works in horticulture, and their families, when times get tough.  Perennial provides free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance to people of all ages working in, or retired from, horticulture.

Whilst attending this year’s Party for Perennial, held in the Barbican’s Conservatory, we got inspired by hearing how garden designers Butter Wakefield and Ann-Marie Powell undertook tandem skydives in 2016 to raise money for Perennial.

From here the seed was sown and this is how Nathan, Ben, Jack, Alissia and Kay of AHS now find themselves booked to plummet from a plane on Saturday 6th May – a crazy plan perfectly scheduled to coincide with World Naked Gardening Day!

Aside from our aim of surviving the jump, we’d love to be able to hand Perennial a juicy fat cheque at the end of it. 

That’s where you come in! 

Whether you’ve a pound to spare or more than that, we’d love for you to be involved in our jump and to help Perennial continue their great work.

You can donate via our Just Giving page by clicking this link -  Alternatively, please contact Kay at AHS on 01797 252728 or email

If you’d like to follow us on our journey (or just relish in seeing photos and videos of us looking foolish / fearful) please follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.